News 27 March

‘Spoonievision’ – our latest appeal project for WWT lands in UK

An appeal by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) to save the world's rarest wading bird – the spoon-billed sandpiper (or 'spoonie') – from extinction is our latest project to go live.

News 19 December

The Non-Marketers Playbook: Ian to pen regular feature for ABR

Financial planning business title Adviser Business Review (ABR) has invited its readers to take part in an online poll to decide the topics that will be covered in a new regular feature to be penned by New Tradition’s Ian Thomas.

Long Read 18 February

To create an online financial advice brand, become a follower of fashion

Instead of designing services based on what other financial services brands already do, businesses intent on building an online advice brand should seek inspiration beyond the industry's boundaries.

Comment 18 November

Monocle’s Soft Power Survey 2013

Monocle’s published it’s fourth annual Soft Power Survey - a topic that’s fascinated me ever since I listened to Professor Joseph Nye speak on the topic at the RSA in London in 2011 — and Germany’s toppled t…

Comment 16 November

Executive pay excesses spark Swiss movement

Interesting movement emerging in Switzerland — according to this report by Reuters — where campaigners are calling for a pay ratio of 1:12 between lowest-paid workers and top execs. That’s the kind of ambition that’s hard to argue with.

Comment 9 November

The kind of unspun Papal spin that couldn’t be spun by PR spinners

A piece from The Guardian today that caught my eye: journalist Jonathan Jones claims Pope Francis ‘has renovated a damaged brand not in years, but months’.

Long Read 8 June

The Bebanking talk I nearly gave at TEDxCheltenham

I’d meticulously rehearsed my lines — learning the the script off by heart — and was all set to deliver the speech. It went well — for about two minutes. And then my mind went blank. The lines were lost. I…

Comment 24 January

Apple’s Tim Cook and the distinction between brand and branding

Away from the furore among analysts about Apple’s — apparently — disappointing results yesterday, the brand’s chief executive, Tim Cook, uttered a phrase which precisely states the distinction between…

Long Read 21 January

Are trade unions the answer to the economic crisis?

Perhaps it was inevitable that, with the rekindling of interest in the economic analysis of Marx and Engels on the crest of the current global economic crisis, the idea of organised labour as a force for good would emerge somewhere down the line. But a couple of columnists — Will Hutton in the Guardian and Nobel laureate, Joseph Stiglitz, in the New York Times — both refer to an unlikely advocate for trade unionism in pieces published over the weekend: the International Monetary Fund.

Comment 7 December

Britain’s brand: ‘this frail travelling coincidence’

It may sound like a glass-half-full definition but Frank Cotterell Boyce’s reference to this line from Philip Larkin’s The Whitsun Wedding, perfectly pinpoints the poignant curiosities of the British character that his script for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony so brilliantly conveyed.