Long Read 18 February

To create an online financial advice brand, become a follower of fashion

Instead of designing services based on what other financial services brands already do, businesses intent on building an online advice brand should seek inspiration beyond the industry's boundaries.

Long Read 8 June

The Bebanking talk I nearly gave at TEDxCheltenham

I’d meticulously rehearsed my lines — learning the the script off by heart — and was all set to deliver the speech. It went well — for about two minutes. And then my mind went blank. The lines were lost. I…

Long Read 21 January

Are trade unions the answer to the economic crisis?

Perhaps it was inevitable that, with the rekindling of interest in the economic analysis of Marx and Engels on the crest of the current global economic crisis, the idea of organised labour as a force for good would emerge somewhere down the line. But a couple of columnists — Will Hutton in the Guardian and Nobel laureate, Joseph Stiglitz, in the New York Times — both refer to an unlikely advocate for trade unionism in pieces published over the weekend: the International Monetary Fund.

Long Read 10 July

Why reform banking when we could transform it instead?

One thing led to another and, thanks to Greg Mulholland MP, an Early Day Motion, signed by about 30 MPs, was tabled in the House of Commons. Because of that campaign, I was invited to meet with Errol…

Long Read 23 May

The case for a Chief Philosophy Officer?

I wonder whether the US and European economies would be in such a predicament today if Northern Rock or Lehman Brothers had employed a Chief Philosophy Officer?

Long Read 5 April

The Great British brand identity crisis

Symbols are significant. And few symbols carry more significance for those who encounter it than a nation’s flag. So the unveiling of the dove-inspired design by British Airways earlier this week — less than a fortnight after the launch of the Team GB athletes kit pictured above — only serves to reinforce an idea that’s been irking me about the Olympics’ effect on the UK’s brand identity: is our nation in danger of conveying the idea that we are colourless, drained of energy and drab?

Long Read 3 April

Why we shouldn’t trade Sundays for Sunday trading

(Well OK, that’s not strictly true. As a son of the Manse, I had to attend church in the morning, but that didn’t really count as ‘doing something’; it was more like the the spiritual equivalent of having …

Long Read 28 December

The tweeter, the brand and the reputational minefield

In the case of Noah Kravitz and his former employer Phonedog — an ‘interactive mobile news and reviews resource’ which claims 2.5 million unique visits to its site each month — the legal principle at stake i…

Long Read 3 November

Something of a eulogy for Steve Jobs

I’d become managing editor of York Student Vision in the final term of my first year at the University of York and, over the summer, my predecessor in the role, Stephen Womack, and the paper’s edi…

Long Read 9 September

The filter bubble, the ethics of data and the EU

Do users of the web really have a world of information at their fingertips? Or do recent innovations in search algorithms – in pursuit of ever increasing personal relevancy of results – simply yield an …