Long Read 24 May

Privacy and collective attention deficit disorder

But, really, was this about democracy, freedom and rights? Or was it simply the market for voyeuristic satisfaction, tawdry self-publicity and self-aggrandisement in motion? The mob doesn’t think I’m sur…

Long Read 10 May

Joseph Nye on the future of power

Prof Nye is the chap who coined the phrase ‘soft power’; an idea that was popular within the Clinton administration in the 1990s and — despite the hawkish interlude of the George W Bush presidency — has ret…

Long Read 13 April

Three deserving Webby nominees and a bit of Brave New Talent

On the face of it, these are unrelated events, but four of the nominations in both the Webbys and the Start-Up 100 lists featured in our 12 Links of Christmas 2010. These are the links that we…

Long Read 9 April

The difference between brand and branding: Part Three

For many years I settled with a Lamy Safari but, even though the Lamy is an exquisite writer, I was in the market for a family heirloom to hand down to one of my sons. Lamy’s top-of-the-range pens d…

Long Read 27 March

Are brands assuming the mantle of quasi nation states?

Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve become fascinated by the apparent parallels between the dynamics of nation state building and statecraft, and the transnational behaviour and attributes of global a…

Long Read 14 March

How to bring a brand to life

How can you help the next generation of great British designers understand the way that their talent helps businesses build brand reputation and successfully communicate the spirit of a brand through visual, practical and environmental design communication?

Long Read 7 March

The difference between brand and branding: Part Two

I set out to address the question by saying the distinction between the two was that branding enables people to recognise and understand how to navigate your business’s goods, services and o…

Long Read 3 March

The difference between brand and branding: Part One

Emily said she felt that, anecdotally, there was some confusion about the difference between the two and my own experience suggests that she’s probably right. In fact the misapprehension about the d…

Long Read 17 February

Are you motivated by what you think motivates you?

But if you take a look at the video of the talk, Mr Pink offers some stark conclusions about the role of financial incentives as a means of motivating people; conclusions which seem counter-intuitive…

Long Read 2 February

Do marketing communications teams have a future?

Especially the idea that he raises in the third and fourth paragraphs where he poses two questions: what is it that really makes Google Googley (to paraphrase the idea) and, if its usefulness does…