News 19 December

The Non-Marketers Playbook: Ian to pen regular feature for ABR

Financial planning business title Adviser Business Review (ABR) has invited its readers to take part in an online poll to decide the topics that will be covered in a new regular feature to be penned by New Tradition’s Ian Thomas.

Long Read 18 February

To create an online financial advice brand, become a follower of fashion

Instead of designing services based on what other financial services brands already do, businesses intent on building an online advice brand should seek inspiration beyond the industry's boundaries.

Comment 18 November

Monocle’s Soft Power Survey 2013

Monocle’s published it’s fourth annual Soft Power Survey - a topic that’s fascinated me ever since I listened to Professor Joseph Nye speak on the topic at the RSA in London in 2011 — and Germany’s toppled t…

Comment 9 November

The kind of unspun Papal spin that couldn’t be spun by PR spinners

A piece from The Guardian today that caught my eye: journalist Jonathan Jones claims Pope Francis ‘has renovated a damaged brand not in years, but months’.

Comment 24 January

Apple’s Tim Cook and the distinction between brand and branding

Away from the furore among analysts about Apple’s — apparently — disappointing results yesterday, the brand’s chief executive, Tim Cook, uttered a phrase which precisely states the distinction between…

Comment 7 December

Britain’s brand: ‘this frail travelling coincidence’

It may sound like a glass-half-full definition but Frank Cotterell Boyce’s reference to this line from Philip Larkin’s The Whitsun Wedding, perfectly pinpoints the poignant curiosities of the British character that his script for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony so brilliantly conveyed.

Comment 12 March

Landor: Why ‘I want an iPad’ beats ‘I want an iPad xyz’

Just spotted this really interesting piece for by Allen Adamson at Landor’s blog. The clinching argument is made in the penultimate paragraph of the piece: “I think the company made a sma…

Long Read 3 November

Something of a eulogy for Steve Jobs

I’d become managing editor of York Student Vision in the final term of my first year at the University of York and, over the summer, my predecessor in the role, Stephen Womack, and the paper’s edi…

Comment 26 May

Facebook’s ventures into brand diplomacy

Former Guardian technology writer Jack Schofield, shared an intriguing link to a news item in the Silicon Valley Mercury News earlier this week. It intrigued me for two reasons: first, that Facebook…

Long Read 13 April

Three deserving Webby nominees and a bit of Brave New Talent

On the face of it, these are unrelated events, but four of the nominations in both the Webbys and the Start-Up 100 lists featured in our 12 Links of Christmas 2010. These are the links that we…