Long Read 6 January

Why Starbucks is crafting the perfect branded blend

The latest evolution of its brand visual identity — revealed late yesterday evening (as far as the UK is concerned, that is) — is the kind of project I really admire. Not just because I like the ele…

Comment 7 October

Is the ‘new’ Gap logo a PR double bluff?

Here’s a thought. What if the uproar about the Gap logo redesign (above) that’s occupying the blogs and tweets of the design community — and beyond — is an elaborate ruse to buy Gap more attention? It’s an…

Comment 10 September

Animating the issues of US healthcare reform

From this side of the pond, it’s been quite tricky keeping tabs on what exactly is at the heart of the US healthcare reform debate that’s raging in the United States. So, if you take the prose of awa…