Comment 16 November

Executive pay excesses spark Swiss movement

Interesting movement emerging in Switzerland — according to this report by Reuters — where campaigners are calling for a pay ratio of 1:12 between lowest-paid workers and top execs. That’s the kind of ambition that’s hard to argue with.

Long Read 8 June

The Bebanking talk I nearly gave at TEDxCheltenham

I’d meticulously rehearsed my lines — learning the the script off by heart — and was all set to deliver the speech. It went well — for about two minutes. And then my mind went blank. The lines were lost. I…

Comment 2 October

Mr Miliband’s Big Moment

Last Saturday’s blog post by the BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, astutely makes a connection between perception of the present Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, and Clement Attlee. Attlee’s legacy is formidable. Among other measures in a truly remarkable period in British government, he presided over the creation of the national health service, and established the welfare state and free secondary education. Arguably he was the finest Prime Minister of the twentieth century and the most accomplished leader the Labour Party has ever had.

Long Read 23 May

The case for a Chief Philosophy Officer?

I wonder whether the US and European economies would be in such a predicament today if Northern Rock or Lehman Brothers had employed a Chief Philosophy Officer?

Long Read 5 April

The Great British brand identity crisis

Symbols are significant. And few symbols carry more significance for those who encounter it than a nation’s flag. So the unveiling of the dove-inspired design by British Airways earlier this week — less than a fortnight after the launch of the Team GB athletes kit pictured above — only serves to reinforce an idea that’s been irking me about the Olympics’ effect on the UK’s brand identity: is our nation in danger of conveying the idea that we are colourless, drained of energy and drab?

Comment 3 April

Time to cut the Facebook and Twitter clutter

Whether you’re inclined to regard Aol as a barometer of cultural trends or not, I’m pretty sure that there’s something in David Shing’s reported prediction. Obviously, it’s worth bearing in mind that Mr Shing’…

Long Read 24 May

Privacy and collective attention deficit disorder

But, really, was this about democracy, freedom and rights? Or was it simply the market for voyeuristic satisfaction, tawdry self-publicity and self-aggrandisement in motion? The mob doesn’t think I’m sur…